Take up each challenge for an optimal result

Coming from a group of contractors, Buildex has mastered for over 30 years all the technical constraints of the construction and renovation of + 3 million square meters renovated or built.

This extraordinary experience allowed him to meet all the challenges concerning buildings of all types, and to successfully perform all the functions of Monitoring, Assistance to Contracting Authority, Project Manager and General Contractor. .

Some “no more” remained in the memories and built BUILDEX’s reputation as a “project optimizer”:

  • Replacement in 5 months the facade of a 9-storey building without interrupting the operation of the call center (Veronese),

  • Dialogue with the management and employees of the tenant to reduce the budget by 40%, improve energy performance, build 4 floors and renovate everything without interrupting the antenna (France 3),

  • Mediation to reconcile the interests of the co-investors and the tenant while respecting the time and budget of the project (Walt Disney Company),

  • Asbestos removal during construction and simultaneous coordination of the intervention of the owner and lessee teams to allow expedited delivery while respecting the cultures of each and the initial budget (Préfecture de Police de Paris),

  • Savings during operation to maintain the qualitative ambitions and prevent the budget from increasing by 25% (Pearl),

  • Project contributing to the international industrial development of a region (Barcelona Island) or creating a new urban center (Moscow township),

  • Adaptation of an extraordinary architectural project (copy of historical monument) and carrying the ambition of a world record of valorization to satisfy the specific needs of the high-ranking personalities destined to reside there (Château Louis XIV).

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