+ 700,000 m2 managed as our own property

BUILDEX has always managed its assets, without making any difference between its own assets and the 700,000 m2 managed for others.

Our customers and partners take advantage of this permanent “extra step” that we make to defend our interests, and obtain gains greater than what they could have hoped for with conventional management.

This common interest facilitates subsequent investments and the development of joint expertise that generates exceptional performance for all our operations.

This optimization of management concerns, at each step, all or part of the management tasks of an asset or an asset portfolio:

  • Arbitration

  • Marketing for rent or for sale

  • Search for renter(s) or buyer

  • Broker management or direct search

  • Management of tenants, receipts and leases

  • Multiservice operator contract management (maintenance, maintenance, user services)

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