Investments of over € 100 million successfully completed

Thierry Jallon, CEO of BUILDEX, has built in 30 years a network that extends throughout France and has relays in several European or French speaking countries thanks to its training, its participation at the highest level in the management of many French organizations and international and 10 years of consulting with the REAG Duff & Phelps group. Learn more

Investor for its own account at the beginning, BUILDEX made a “step more” since 2002, acting as “Operating Partner” of investment funds and family offices, and thus accessing operations of more than 30 M €, some even exceeding 100 M €.

BUILDEX realizes, depending on the needs of each operation and the internal organization of the funds, all or part of the tasks necessary for the success of the negotiations:

  • implementation of its network

  • identification of opportunities and products

  • building partnerships with actors and intermediaries of all types

  • performing pre-acquisition audits: technical, commercial, evaluation

  • study of the legal and financial conditions of the acquisition

  • identification of financing needs

  • assistance in obtaining bank loans for financing or refinancing

  • negotiation with all parties involved

  • participation in the review of acts and contracts

  • risk ranking to facilitate the agreement of the parties’ lawyers and notaries

  • mediation to reconcile the positions of the seller and the buyer

  • assisting in the gathering or constitution of the documentation necessary for the agreements

  • participation in the structuring of the acquisition and / or realization of all or part of the assembly and / or management of acquisition vehicles

BUILDEX can also:

  • co-invest with the main investor who wishes

  • support the organization of Family Office

  • increase the competence and performance of their teams to seize an opportunity on an ad hoc basis or develop a new range of investments on a long-term basis

  • optimize assets (marketing, marketing, rental management, operations, tradeoffs)  MORE DETAILS
  • optimize the operational control of the operation  MORE DETAILS
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